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Located in Columbus, NE


Limestone rocks make great gift ideas for any occasion.  We have a rock for everyone on your list and for any place that you can think of to set it!!


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Things to keep in mind:

* All rocks are made from natural limestone rock from Kansas.

* Limestone rock does contain glass seams which are a natural part of the limestone and appear as a pencil mark and do discolor with moisture. These are not to be mistaken for cracks.

* Limestone rocks will vary in size, shape, and weight from those pictured as each rock is handmade and chipped by our manufacturer.

* Sizes listed are approximate and your rock may vary slightly from these dimensions.

* Custom graphics may be extra and graphic design charges may apply in some cases.

* Graphic design charges will not be refunded if order is cancelled.

* Minimum payments are nonrefundable once custom orders are placed.

* No refunds or returns on custom rocks once they are picked up.

Accuracy of Proofs:

* Accuracy of proofs including spelling, punctuation, or any other parts of the design are the responsibility of the customer during proofing process and once they have been approved for production.  We try our best to make sure that there are no errors, but you are in a better position to catch misspelled names or how you intended to punctuate something.  The actual rock will be laid out exactly like the proof.  If the rock must be remade due to errors, a 15% discount will be applied to original price to reorder.  There will be no other discounts.  Please verify that your proofs are correct and accurate before approving your final proof and making minimum/full payments. Thank you!